I need help gaining weight.

  1. I need help gaining weight.

    I have been light on weight all my life, but have been blessed with abnormal strength. I was an all state running back and sprinter in HS, but I only weighed 160# at the most. I have tried everything and I mean everything to gain weight with nothing that worked for long term. (off cycle with supps even lost weight) I don't want to go hard core on supps, but a couple guys I know are taking p-tren, and one of the guys that was about my weight and my prob with gaining weight is on it. One guy gained 18lbs in three weeks and the other 23lbs in three weeks. They both said they love it and will stay on it, but I don't know if it'll still help me on the long term gains. I was going to stack it with phera, tren, and liver cleaner. Any suggestions I would really appreciate.

  2. Gaining Mass in a Nutshell (a BIG nutshell) by Suncloud

    before going on to supps or PH for that matter, you've got to nail down the basics.
    That thread covers it well

  3. Read the above post. How long have you been out of school? Do you still train like an allstate runningback and sprinter? That's probably not the most conducive to building muscle and gaining weight. What is your diet like? What are your workouts like? You are probably an Ectomorph, so you will have to overcome this by eating more. Follow the advice in the above link. Don't resort to the supps your friends are using, because in a few weeks or months, it will go away. Or they will stay on them too long and jack up their system so bad they can't figure out why "willie" is always playing dead. Focus on staple supps, quality protein powder, BCAA's, quality multivitamin, fish oils supps, and BEST of all, QUALITY FOOD! Lean meats, plenty of quality carbs, oats, whole grains, brown rice, etc, and plenty of GOOD dietary fat, eggs, olive oils, nuts, avacados, salmon.

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