waximaize or corn starch?

  1. waximaize or corn starch?

    Hey guys, got a question. not sure if it has been asked before but i cant seem to find any info on it. I know waximaize is the amylopectin part of corn starch and corn starch from the store is about 70% mylopectin and 30% amylose. My question is, wouldnt it be more economical to just buy corn starch for like 2 bucks a pound at the supermarket versus spending 50 bucks of 5 lbs of brand name waximaize?? i read that amylose digests slower than amylopectin, but are the two bonded together or something that makes the corn starch digest slower? i can deal with eating 30% more corn starch to get the same amylopectin if it doesnt matter. thanks

  2. true waxy is amylopectin only, thick gooey texture and hard to mix. most stuff out now is garbage.

    vitargo is legit, and dark matter is legit everything else ive tried is not. which includes alot that i will not mention however, if its not thick and gooey and hard to m ix then its not real waxy

  3. but would it be alright to just eat corn starch since it is 70% amylopectin and i can get it for $2/lb versus like $10/lb?

  4. Crazyfool, have you tried All the Whey's WMS?

  5. I would stick to vitargo or carbolyn.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad View Post
    I would stick to vitargo or carbolyn.
    k. so no go then on taking corn starch...?


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