Cell Tech Creatine The Origins of Cell Tech Creatine

Cell Tech Creatine is a supplement used by bodybuilders to increase their muscle mass and it is used by proffesional athletes to improve their athletic performance. So what is creatine?. Why is there such a buzz about it? Creatine is generated by humans and gives energy to muscle cells in the form of a nitrogenous organic acid. It was discovered as far back as the year 1832 by Michel Eugine Chevreul. He found that creatine was a component of skeletal muscle and it certainly has a use in its application.

Creatines two basic functions of benefit are produced when creatine itself is broken down into creatine Phosphate. Once this is done, the ATP and ADP (both multifunctional nucleotides) energy ratio within an individual is increased reducing the loss of what is known as adenosine nucleotides. Adenosine Nucleotides benefit cell function. The resulting high energy phosphate buffer produced is given the term phosphagens. Humans produce creatine after digesting meat and fish and it is generated by our liver.

So how does all of this help?

The answer to this was found in 1912 by researchers who noticed when creatine was ingested, the amount of creatine that an individuals muscle mass consisted of was increased. The relationship between skeletal muscle metabolism and creatine was discovered in the late 1920?s along with creatine phosphate. Creatine supplements did not become famous until their use was reported in press releases relating to athletes performing in the Barcelona Olympics. A number of athletes were reported to have been making use of creatines benefits to boost their performance. The result of them using the supplements was them excelling at their sports.

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By: Hahn Baker