How Does Nanox9 Help Build Muscles Faster

Nanox9, although it is a supplement designed to be used by body builders and athletes, could possibly beneficial to anyone. That is because its primary ingredient, nitric oxide, has other benefits to the human body besides assisting in the growth of larger, more powerful muscles.

Nitric Oxide, first of all, is a gas the body produces naturally. Its chemical formula is NO, which means it is comprised of one part each of nitrogen and oxygen. It should not be confused with two other compounds with similar names, nitrous oxide, N2O, commonly known as laughing gas, and nitrogen dioxide, NO2. Nitric oxide supplements, such as Nanox9, are used by body builders because NO is a vasodilator. It causes the interior dimensions of blood vessels to expand, thereby enabling muscles to receive an increased blood flow and therefore be exercised more fully. Evidence has also been presented that there are other health benefits to nitric oxide. For example, it may help prevent stroke and heart disease, lower cholesterol levels and inhibit the build up of plaque in arteries.

For bodybuilders and other athletes, the primary importance of nitric oxide is its ability to stimulate an increased blood flow, putting more nutrients into muscle cells more quickly, enabling them to build more mass during the adaptation and recovery phase of muscle growth. Another useful attribute is that nitric oxide helps to reduce inflammation in muscles that have undergone high levels of stress during gym workouts.

But Nanox9 is significantly different from other nitric oxide supplements. It was designed not only to go to work more rapidly, but also to produce a tangible sensation so its users may feel it working. A major complaint from the consumers of some earlier nitric oxide supplements was that it took too much time for it to take effect. To remedy this problem, MuscleTech, the company that makes Nanox9, set out to create a nitric oxide supplement that took effect much faster. Their tests have revealed that, from the time a caplet of Nanox9 is swallowed, to the time it starts entering the blood stream is only nine seconds.

The means by which Nanox9 can be absorbed so much more quickly than other nitric oxide supplements is nanoparticulation, the miniaturization of its particles. The manufacturing process, utilizing principles and equipment originating in the pharmaceutical industry, reduces the size of a particle of the product's primary ingredient to two microns. This is fifty times smaller than the average diameter of a human hair, and it is up to 7400 percent smaller than the size of particles in other nitric oxide supplements. It is believed that this nanoparticulation makes Nanox9 unique among supplements for bodybuilders.

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By: Robert Scheer