Whats a good prohormone or reputable ph company?

  1. Whats a good prohormone or reputable ph company?

    Hey guys, im trying to do research on what would be a good first prohormone/designer steroid (whatever theyre called now) cycle. But everytime i look something up i get completely mixed reviews (it worked great, its bunk, i put on 10lbs of lean mass, dont waste your money) it seems clear stuff like Tren and Mass Xtreme are good but very expensive and their are generic versions like Generic Labz Xmass that i would really to try but am worried that lower cost means lower quality.

    I know this is probably not as easy as im asking it, but whats the best stuff out there legally right now? Best bang for the buck and/or most trustworthy company.

    And all this supposed good stuff that was banned and now their are remakes of it by other companies, are those any good? Like Halodrol-50 being banned and now these H-Drol, Halodiol or similar with very similar chemical lists. But ive read that the main useful ingredient in Halodrol-50 wasnt even listed.

    Any help or just a recommendation on a good first cycle would be very much appreciated. I probably wont start for another month or two but id like to know so i can stop looking (i find myself looking for hours and just spinning my head in all different directions) and just tweak my routine and diet to get myself ready to take full advantage of a cycle.


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