Advice Summer Mass Gain

  1. Advice Summer Mass Gain

    I'm almost sure I'm going to catch alot of flak for being so young but i do turn 21 in August.
    Ran p-plex twice. p-plex from CEL. looking to gain 10-15 lbs no more. I have been lifting seriously for two years. BF% 10. I havent measured bodyparts in a long while so I'm not going to give those numbers.

    Current Supps
    Fish Oil
    Flex a min( joint supp)
    Tribulus from ON
    Pro Complex from ON

    I train three on,one off,two on, one off.
    Back,shoulders,arms,rest,chest ,legs,rest.
    Alot of compound movements- squats,deadlifts,bench press,pull ups, dips.

    Eating around 3500 calories a day.40%carbs,40%protein,20%fat .
    May end up upping carb intake. Not feeling very energetic lately.

    Looking for advice on supps to take over the summer. And if all your going to do is give me crap for taking ph's before I'm 21 then dont say nothin. I was naive and didnt know what i was doing. My friends gave me the stuff and i took it. Everyone makes mistakes. Dont rub em in.....

    Let me know what bodyparts u guys think i should work on. I didnt even take a pic of my calves. They are horrible but im trying. Thank guys and please only constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. haha i didnt even notice the lotion on the nightstand. its for stretch marks..... promise...

  3. Hard to tell from the pictures, and everyone is going to have different answers based on what they consider improvement. According to me, maybe work on getting a tad more cut, bulk up the triceps, and cut some more definition into the biceps. With a good cut, maybe also work on the obliques. More trapezius. I guess one could ask for more definition in your quadricepts, but the size is damn straight on.

    All in all, in no place are you truly lagging.

  4. thanks man. you didnt help much with the supps but its all good. im not worried about a cut right now. trying to gain more mass

  5. Do you use a weightgainer?

  6. And I think many of the people here will agree that age is less of a factor versus the obvious being physically mature (18-21, so I geuss maybe age...), and having the lifting, safety and nutritional experience to back it up.

    I would suggest proper whey protein supplementation throughout the day. Maybe 20 grams every two to three hours =]. Expensive yes, but effective.

    Weight gainers 2-3 times a day.
    Keep taking your fish oil and multivitamins.
    Creatine Monohydrate.
    One thing I would like to try soon which might work well for you if your taking in alot of carbs - glycobol or glycergrow.
    Dark Matter.
    Good preworkout supplement
    Oatmeal, brown rice, wild red salmon, clean tuna.
    Shoot for 1.5 - 2 gallons of water a day.
    Anything that will help you sleep such as melatonin or a natty growth hormone product.

  7. Just eat more and train harder...

  8. thanks guys. something i can actually use.


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