Jungle Warfare

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    Jungle Warfare

    Hello, i have the red bottle of JW.
    This is the label:
    Proprietary Mormordica Chirantia Extract
    Conjugated (-) 3,4-Divanillyl Tetrahydrofuran, 17a-methyl-5a-dehydro-etiocholane-4,6-dien-3-one-17-ol
    Proprietary Conjugated Coleonol Extract

    what's exactly 17a-methyl-5a-dehydro-etiocholane-4,6-dien-3-one-17-ol
    Does it work?

  2. i have searched and searched and am still without an answer. i am highly interested in running this but do not know if it needs reversitol or a serm.

  3. Lepomis
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    we could ask to other people or open a new tread....i run 1 bottle but i din't have much time to train properly and eat...didn't know if it worked..

  4. I have seen some really good reviews on it. But I can't tell you for sure what it is. I use N'Gorge, Primed Ultra and Chain'd out from ALRI. I really like the brand.
  5. Lepomis
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    let's ask Patrik Arnold...

  6. I would recomend pct. I works fantastically but it is questionable in terms of suppression. Imo it works too well not to be suppressive, Ive ran it and I felt pct was required
  7. Lepomis
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    this is the new jungle warfare....are you sure??

  8. yes I am sure
  9. Lepomis
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    i've read it's not so anabolic....what do you think?


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