Usnic Acid/Sodium Usniate

  1. Usnic Acid/Sodium Usniate

    Just curious as to what kind of cardio work and amount people did while on Usnic Acid or Sodium Usniate?

  2. Bump for anyone that has tried this.

  3. Hey Patuba,

    I have done several cycles of SU now, and I've done no cardio on one and 4 days/week on another. Cardio isn;t entirely necessary while on SU, but it's always a best bet, no matter what cutting cycle you choose. When I did 4 days, 2 were 45 minutes lower intensity and 2 were 20 minute high intensity. I had great results, although SU works on a completely different mechanism, so you aren't exactly enhancing it's effects, but do your cardio anyway.

    Now SU make most lethargic (especially in summer), so you may have no desire to do cardio, but pop some ECA's and you'll be ok. When I didn't do any cardio I still got great results, about 2 lbs difference. With cardio on a 2 week cycle I lost about 9-10 lbs, without about 7-9 lbs. Hope this helps.

  4. Awesome. Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

  5. Hey jweave23, what dosage was you on?

  6. Definitely take EC while on, I did and have lost over an inch in one week.  I max at 400 mg 2x a day.  I notice lots of sweating and drink lots of water and at night before bed drinks lots and everytime I go to the washroom. 

    I set my alarm for say 30 minutes before my workout take ec then crash for 20 minutes when I wake I feel hyped



  7. Originally posted by Patuba
    Hey jweave23, what dosage was you on?
    I started my first cycle at 400mg and went up to 2g, 1g in the mid morning, 1g at night. You may not need doses that high, but I did.

  8. I tried 300mg last night and didn't notice anything. Will try again at that dose and if that doesn't work I'll try 300mg 2X a day.

  9. I posted this over at the "TRUTh about UA Thread but think it may be better over here.

    I remember someone asking the half life of UA/SU and it was stated somewhere between 8 to 14 hours.

    I decided to see if I could get an idea of the half life of Sodium Usniate (UA's cousin). I started with taking 600mg twice a day 12 hours a part (1,200mg) a day. I took this for 2 weeks with no problems at all. I then decided to take another dose of 600mg a day for a total of 1,800mg. I would take each 600mg dose 8 hours a part. After taking the 3rd dose on the first day of this dosing scheme, my skin starting itching and I could feel the rash coming on (I have had the SU rash before) I quickly stopped the 3 a day regime and went back to 2 a day. Also, started clariten immediately to stop the rash. The first time I used SU, I broke out at 900mg taken once a day at night. So, I would have to infer that less than 300mg of SU is in my system 12 hours later when I take my 2nd dose.

    This is very unscientific but I would have to say that there is quite a bit of SU left in your system after 8 hours. I plan to stay on the 2 times a day dosing 12 hours a part. I have also found that if I stack it with EC stack, I have no problem with lethargy when I take it in the morning.

    I would think that this may be extrapolated to UA but not sure.

  10. Where do you guys get your SU from? I'm not aware of any other sellers of SU other than 1fast. Just curious as to options in finding the stuff.

  11. Originally posted by p_zub
    Where do you guys get your SU from? I'm not aware of any other sellers of SU other than 1fast. Just curious as to options in finding the stuff.
    That's where I get mine. Haven't seen it elsewhere.

  12. Is there any negative aspect to taking UA just once a day at night, and taking an ECA in the AM??? I am getting very lethargic when I take it during the day. Does that mean that it is working? Thanks in advance.

  13. You can take it at night with no problems. Although some complain of sleeping problems from all of the sweating.

  14. 1fast recently stopped selling SU however Usnic acid is available through BDC Nutrition. Check the member forum and member price list thread to order.


  15. I was taking yohimbe and ECA in the morning ECA in the aternoon, then SU at night and had really good results. Just a lot of sweating ALL DAY


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