XTEND and Vasocharge

  1. XTEND and Vasocharge

    anybody used xtend and vasocharge and if so what were your results good or bad. Im thinking about using the two after my shoulder heals.

  2. I use both of them. I can't get through the day without xtend, it keeps me drinking more fluids because it tastes so good and it may be a placebo effect that i feel like i recover faster but i don't care cuz i love it. I recently picked up a vasocharge/xtend stack for 17 bucks so i decided to try the vasocharge. I had my doubts on how good it would work, but to my surprise it was the best pre-workout feeling i've ever had. It made my whole body warm and tingly and vascularity improved greatly. It doesn't keep me as energized through the entire workout like a couple other products but it definitely gets me going.

  3. Xtend is a staple for many people and I enjoyed the samples of VasoCharge I tried. It's also a great deal at NP.
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  4. If I could handle that much caffeine late at night, I would use VC. As it is, Xtend has been a staple of mine for years.
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  5. I would definately go with the X-Tend and Vasocharge combo you will have great
    stamina and a very good pump during your workouts with the Vasocharge and not
    enough people talk about this preworkout powder but its one of the best out their
    behind the best JP8 by Diesel these are the two powders that I use with great results.
    If you haven't tried the Vasocharge let me warn you the first few times you use it
    you will get a strong niacin rush and you face will get tight and tingly and you will also
    feel the beta-analine tingling your skin but it goes away in about 5 minutes and then
    you will be focused and ready to hit the gym. Post back and let us know how you like it

  6. Is there anywhere I can see the exact amounts of BA and creatine and CM in vasocharge?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by bmw8591 View Post
    Is there anywhere I can see the exact amounts of BA and creatine and CM in vasocharge?
    There's 2.5 grams of creatine in vasocharge. As for beta alanine i'm not sure. You'll have to contact a rep and they may or may not let you know.

  8. xtend is a staple for me vasocharge is good kinda taste like flintstone's vitamins gives good energy too


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