Liver cleansers vs. colon cleansers:same thing

  1. Question Liver cleansers vs. colon cleansers:same thing

    From what I understand, Colon cleansers are mild laxitives and liver cleansers are very mild laxitives. So, wouldn't the best thing to do is use magnesium oxide for 7 days followed by a liver cleanser for 14 days.

  2. I have no clue, but I am looking for a colon cleanser.

    Any good ones?

  3. Colon Cleansers
    Mag O7
    Colon Blow
    Dr. Schulze's 5 day bowel detox

    Dr. Schulze also has a 5 day liver detox. I've used Oxypowder, Mag O7 and Schulze's 5 day liver detox. Oxypowder works well...better than Mag O7 I think. The 5 day liver detox was a bit of a pain in the ass to do. Make sure to do a colon cleanse before doing a liver or lymphatic cleanse.

  4. Thanks...I take a look at those.

  5. I bought Global Healing Center OXY-POWDER colon cleanse and Enzymatic liver cleanse. Not that expensive compared to peptides and sterols!



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