Controlled Labs Blue Up

  1. Controlled Labs Blue Up

    is it alright to take 2 caps in the morn and 2 pre wo ? i read that its better to do it that way then to just take one dose pre wo.

    any thoughts and this is the stim version and im also taking

    mvp365/zmk multi vitamin/mineral
    Omega 3 Fish oil by nutraplanet
    Green Tea Green tea caps by nutraplanet
    Acetyl L-Carnitine bulk by NP
    BCAA’s bulk by nutraplanet

  2. has a strong stim in it i use it jus 2 caps b4 workout. insane strength and i can feel like i can go forever and its like 21 bucks 45 servings

  3. i kno but i might buy one stim and one none stim, i heard its better to have a test spike 2-3 times a day than just one

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