I just got this stuff in cuke cake batter flavor and I loved it. It tastes great alone, it makes my smoothies better, and my protein bars jump with taste now, however....

I noticed I am getting serious gas from this and i was shocked this morning when I read on the bottle "low lactose". Since when is whey "isolate" low lactose and not zero lactose? I feel my problem is not only that there is lactose in all the whey isolate, but that they don't seem to fortify it with any enzymes either.

Just as reference, I've used optimum, IDS whey, dymatize whey, and tried a bunch of samples of other wheys with no problem. The only supplements that ever gave me problems were designer protein, myoplex, and GNC stuff. The irony is those tend to use mostly whey concentrate so I'm confused why I'm having problems with all the whey isolate. makes me think it's cheap for a reason?

for those that buy whey isolate on ebay, do they have cupcake batter flavor in lactose-free forms?