Rotating pre-workout stims

  1. Rotating pre-workout stims

    I enjoy taking a pre-workout stim supplement, but they all seem to quickly down-regulate for me. I'd like to use several on a rotating basis, so that I'm using any particular one every 3rd or 4th day at the most.

    Here are the supplements that come to mind:

    geranamine (my favorite)
    ephedra / ephedrine
    nicotine patch / gum (never tried)

    Any supplements that I am missing? Some of these could be combined, and I would use caffeine as an every-day complement (you may disagree). I am looking for something that has a pronounced stimulatory feel - not a supplement that may be revving up metabolism, vasoldilation, etc., but is not perceptible.

    Discussion about down-regulation of receptor types would also be interesting -- such as ephedrine / synephrine / cordyceps hitting the same receptors.

  2. nicotine patch / gum (never tried) does it work?

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