Black Star Labs

  1. Black Star Labs

    Sorry if there is a thread already on them, but has anyone tried any of their products yet? If so what did you think.


  2. high quality supplements, good stuff

  3. Agreed. Received ALCAR from them a few days ago. Seems to be fine quality and some good prices too.

  4. I have been using their Grape BCAA stuff for around two weeks now; top notch product.

  5. Wow sheesh that stuff cost 9 bucks per bottle!! you got some $$ to spend

  6. nothing like being robbed without a gun huh.

    blackstar is a very high quality company..somethings like bcaa there a little pricey on but i think thats because its absicallyICE and they dont wanna undercut themselves

  7. I had a 15% discount thanks to GM, so I decided I'd splurge and blow a good $8.


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