bloated after pre-workout n.o.

  1. bloated after pre-workout n.o.

    Lately, on some days, I take my pre-workout n.o. and then feel so bloated that I can't even workout. A few times I pushed through it hust to end up blowing chunks in the bathroom. I've tried using all of the best brands. Lately, I've been using one that only requires one scoop hoping that would help. I was wondering what a few of you might think about musclemeds enoxcide. I thought since you dissolve it instead of mixing it that it might help me out. How's the pump, etc though?

  2. What product are you currently using?

  3. currently using dark rage (or is it dark matter, whichever one is the pre-w.o.) This is my first try with it. I chose it because it is a one-scoop product. I have used all the usuals n.o. explode, nano vapor, superpump and I just ordered some jacked, which sounds pretty good.

  4. No personal experience with Dark Rage, but I have heard very mixed reviews with most of them being on the negative side. Taste was supposed to be horid with the cola flavoring.

  5. Your really going to love Jack3d compared to the rest that you have tried and I don't get bloated or up set stomach and the rest of the sides that I got off No-explode and superpump 250 etc
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  6. jacked might work for u its main ingredient is Beta ALine sp which u get that tingle off its alot of a different feeling then other caffiene pre work type supps...

    N30 are pretty good pre workout...

    that enoxide u mentioned by Muscle meds isnt a pre workout supp its just N.O for pumps.. u could take that and order bulk caffiene pills and take one of those and one ENOxIDE see how that works

    ive been using 8 gakic pills (one serving) and 1 to 2 caffiene pills... gakic cost me 15 bucks.

  7. I Don't like N30 or Gakic I think there a waste of money, and the tingles lasted for 1 workout for me, and beta aline is a very good ingredient to have for your pre-work.
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  8. I use gakic sometimes, its ok, but doesn't do that much for getting me pumped. I really don't mind the "tingle", I got pretty used to it on the Nano vapor, its just the nauseating feeling of having a gut full of fizz and gas from all that other stuff. My order of jacked should be in this week, so I will post how it goes. Thanks for the imput fellas.


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