Millennium Sport Technologies MVP multi dosage?

  1. Millennium Sport Technologies MVP multi dosage?

    I just received my order of multivitamins. I ordered MVP as well as ADAM from NOW. My question is do I need to take the 4 capsules of the MVP each day or can I cut it in half and take 2 to extend how long it lasts me?

    I know the given amounts are recommended for a reason(to deliver the preferred vitamins) but at 4 a day it sure goes fast.

  2. At 4 a day it lasts you a month. Most...not all...but most Multi's are packaged to provide you at least a month's worth. Yeah it's a little pricier that most but IMO it's worth the couple extra bucks just b/c it works for me. You could maybe take 2 on non-workout days and do 4 on workout days. That could give you a few extra days.

    Or you could do 2 MVP and an ADAM later. That would extend both bottles a great deal. There's actually lots you could do bro.

  3. Use one for a month, then another for another month to see which is best for you. Personally I am not a fan of full dosing a multi. I get a headache sometimes, I think I get mineral build up(i drink a gallon of water a day so aint dehydration). But I know most people dont. BTW smell your adam v caps, they smell amazing, I used to have breadsticks that smell just like that. You can smell yeast.

    other wards 2 in the morning, 2 afternoon dosing for MVP. I like it.

  4. mvp worked very nicely for me. one of the best multi's out there even though it's pricey, but if you want to save you can do the ones suggested above or just take 3 caps a day should last an extra 10 days

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