Rasberry Ketones Dosing

  1. Rasberry Ketones Dosing

    I see SNS has been selling 150mg caps of Rasberry Ketones and is now releasing 500 mg caps with recommended dosing at up to three caps daily. I'm looking for advice for how to best dose the RKs. I will likely be taking it alone or with coleus.

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    Well according to the SNS reps, they recommend up to three times a day (as you suggested), 30 minutes prior to meals.

    RK-500 Xtreme - 500 mg Raspberry Ketones per cap

    If you're doing any sort of fasted cardio I would definitely take a dose prior to that and dose your other two servings with your main meals.

    On resistance training days, I don't think RK provides any sort of 'stimulant' effect so taking it prior to training wouldn't matter (although it might make you use more fat during training), so just dose it with your main meals.

  3. It seems like most manufacturors use 100-150 mg doses. I'm wondering if there is any benefit to 500 mg doses.

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