Interesting. Any Input?

  1. Interesting. Any Input?

    I'd post all the crap on the page but some of the info was PDF protected and I couldnt.

    Interesting theory on multi Vitmain and Mineral use.

    TESTOSTERONE NATION - Perfect Superfood is Here!

  2. Well I think Biotest has a persuasive marketing scheme. That being said, I do believe they make quality products, albeit slightly overpriced and over-hyped.

    I've read their view on multivitamin supplements before, and while correct in their science, I really just think its a marketing scheme to make them appear better. Its true that taking a concentrated dose of your RDA micro nutrients isn't going to result in optimal absorption into the body, some still will get absorbed even they have competitive absorption processes. You won't utilize all of your multivitamin but you will utilize some of it.

    I find their reasoning contradictory. In the beginning of the write they state something along the lines of no one at Biotest takes multivitamins because the science is too haphazard and then at the bottom say "No more. We nailed the vitamin and mineral thing." Apparently the science isn't too haphazard for their "specially formulated all natural ultra exclusive" Superfoods. Now thats marketing at its finest!

    EDIT: And the last thing that caught my attention was the first section about blanket recommendations on antioxidants and the complexity of biological systems. Its interesting how they are contradicting the types of products that they are then marketing. I doubt antioxidants are going to be harmful if you don't take large mega doses and turn them into auto-oxidizing agents instead. Just as scientists don't have, in their opinion, "reliable studies concerning antioxidants," they do not have any solid evidence that their Superfoods is the answer just because its "natural."

  3. Thank you for the feedback
  4. UKStrength
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    I agree and disagree with some of the information provided in that advertisement.

    Firstly, the blanket statement that vitamins and mineral efficacy is only tested on cultured cells in petri dish is just false, many vitamins and minerals have been tested on cells for toxicity effects at high dosages for safety reasons but in terms of bioavailability (which is what SuperFoods touts as being it's selling point) a number of studies have been conducted in humans (Solomons and Jacob, 1981, Mangels et al. 1992, Rayman, 1997, Wood and Zheng, 1997).

    It seems to be the consensus that some vitamins are better absorbed in their 'natural' (e.g. food-derived) state, others as a supplement (e.g. Selenium) and others it makes no difference (Vitamin C), so the argument that SuperFoods is far and away better than your standard multivitamin and mineral is simply not true for all vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

    My advice would be that if a trainee consumes a well-balanced diet with an abundance of vegetables, fruits and other food groups and takes a bog-standard multi-vitamin and mineral to 'top-up', then SuperFoods is pretty much obsolete.

    If however, your diet is pretty restricted in terms of foods e.g. ketogenic, vegetarian or restricts certain food groups, especially fruits and vegetables, then there may be a cause for using SuperFoods as you're not consuming them in your diet.

    P.S. The authors' comment 'who actually eats 5 portions of fruit and 5 portions of vegetables a day' is nonsense, anyone can do it, it just requires some discipline and imagination with cooking and food preparation.

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