Whats is your one a day of fruit....? Here it is.

  1. Whats is your one a day of fruit....? Here it is.

    If you're confused about what one 'portion' is then use this guide:

    1 apple, banana, pear, orange or other similar sized fruit
    2 plums, satsumas, kiwi fruit or other similar sized fruit
    ½ a grapefruit or avocado
    1 large slice of melon or fresh pineapple
    3 heaped tablespoons of vegetables, beans or pulses
    3 heaped tablespoons of fruit salad or stewed fruit
    1 heaped tablespoon of raisins or sultanas
    3 dried apricots
    1 cupful of grapes, cherries or berries
    1 dessert bowl of salad
    1 small glass (150ml) of pure fruit juice or smoothie

    This should help you all, i wanted to do a more detailed one but im sure its been done here already.

    And here is some info about rhubarb.

    Rhubarb has a long history, with a documented appearance in China 2700BC, its name Rheum deriving in part from the river Volga where it grew. Since then rhubarb has cropped up around the world, often prized for its medicinal properties. Using rhubarb as a food seems to have started in the 17th century in the UK, although it really got going when sugar became more widely and affordably available in the 18th Century. The Colonies, I mean America, caught on to Rhubarb late in the 18th Century. Its roots are a great laxative, and its leaves can make a pretty decent poison if you like that sort of thing.

    More importantly, in climates such as the UK, rhubarb comes into season in April. Although commercial cultivation can be achieved all year round with green houses, any rhubarb lover will tell you the stuff grown in fields tastes the best.

    By now you should be asking, why should a bodybuilder or athlete eat rhubarb? After all it is best known for its use in pies, crumbles and jams combined with lots and lots of sugar and usually butter. It doesn't have to be like that. Rhubarb is a good source of fibre - an essential for everyone. On the face of it rhubarb doesn't match up to a nutritional heavyweight like broccoli, however, it tastes amazing and has very few calories. In detail, 100g of rhubarb gives: 7calories, 93mg of calcium, 6mg of vitamin C, and nearly 1g of both protein and carbohydrate, fibre you get 2g.

    Rhubarb is an excellent choice if you want to fill up without feeling fed up - while making sure everything keeps on moving - and bodybuilders I mean you especially because bodybuilding diets are notoriously low in fibre. So if you are cutting I hope you are paying attention. If you are ready to give rhubarb a try, then first you have to buy the good stuff, which is easy. Rhubarb should be firm and glossy, pale, tired looking stalks need to be recycled in the composting bin.

    Now you have bought it, what do you do with it? chop it up and soften it by heating in a little water (with some sprinkle sweetener if you like). Like this, it can be added to jelly for a low cal treat, or added to anything where you would put fruit, even home made jam (with sweetener), or crumble (sweetener and low fat baking alternative of course), and someone has even made rhubarb cheesecake!

    So there you have rhubarb, a nutritional lightweight that livens up your plate.

    I dont know if you have it in the US but i love it.

    Take care guys, russian
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    but it doesn't grow down here so i only get to eat it when i go up north to visit family.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by natty texan View Post

    but it doesn't grow down here so i only get to eat it when i go up north to visit family.
    Me too bro, i love it.
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