Trying to incorporate Havoc into my H-Drol cycle

  1. Trying to incorporate Havoc into my H-Drol cycle

    I'm planning to start a cycle of H-drol in a couple of days and I have 25 capsules of Havoc left over from one of my previous ph cycles, which I wanna use along with H-drol. I'm trying to choose between to options:

    1. Day 1-30 H-drol 2 capsules every day,
    day 1-25 Havoc 1 capsule every day.

    2. Day 1-30 H-drol 2 capsules every day,
    Day 1-12 Havoc 2 capsules every day as a jump start.

    So I was wondering which option would yield better gains.
    Please, guys, share your thoughts.

  2. #2. but maybe start it at the beginning of week 2

    i dont think 10mg would be enough to get much gains or even work as a anti-e

  3. agree w/ tnubs

    10mg wouldnt really have anything...

  4. Absolutely part 2, but dont you think your cycle is a little to short? Imo 12 days havoc and 30 days halo is way to short. You'll stop the cycle when it really kicks. My reccomandation would be more like day 1-20 havoc at 30mg, and day 10-56 75-100mg halo. thiss will produce great gains and very little sides since halo is a great compound for a little longer cycles. The great thing including havoc, is that the pumps will appear after a week.

  5. Bumping old treads....

  6. Dunno why I never read the dates of these posts..


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