Competitive Edge Labs M-Drol .. Questions

  1. Competitive Edge Labs M-Drol .. Questions

    Hey members ... just doing some reading on Competitive Edge Labs M-Drol and have a few questions ... I read a lot about post cycle ... but when i read reviews many users didn't bother and claim to have made dry gains ... anyone run this supp and what kind of gains (on a clean diet now and have lived that way long enough to kind of enjoy it) ... From what i read it seems mild acne is the number one side .. and maybe a sore nut into the 3rd week for some ... anyone have experience with this?

  2. pretty much any cycle you do there is always going to be a difference w/ every user.

    if your sensative enough, you might get more acne but if not you wont.

    many ppl use superdrol for dry gains. either for cutting cycle or maybe bulking

    however, it is methylated so you gotta watch out w/ your liver and blood work

    always want to feed up w/ good support supps

    good luck man

  3. if your looking for dry lean gains, I would recommend HDrol. I have tried both MDrol and HDrol. Mdrol bulked me up but the Hdrol I was solid, lean and seemed always pumped.

  4. I don't know why many users said not to run a pct, you should definitely use a serm and if you can't obtain them, at the very least run an otc pct. Don't overlook the pct its the most important part of the cycle imo.
  5. UKStrength
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    I ran M-drol off the back of a Test E cycle about a year ago (4 weeks).

    It gave me some nice strength and a few lean gains (certainly dried me out a bit more) but nothing crazy. Massive libido increase and overall muscle hardness was excellent.

    In terms of sides, I became pretty lethargic at high dosages, it exacerbated things like calf pumps and my blood pressure went sky-high (my blood pressure normally never reacts to any compound I throw at it). My liver was still in a bad way 3 months later (I ran liver support during and post cycle, although this may have been due to the Nolvadex).

    I wouldn't be silly and not run a PCT this stuff is HARSH on your liver and hormones, it will mess you up pretty badly if you don't treat it with respect.

    Overall though, a nice compound.



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