i gonna start using Hydroxycut by tomorrow..

i just bought it 3 hrs ago..it is just the fat burner available for those who had exercise program.. i read some topics here about hydroxycut recall..but 23 out of a million..dahhhhhhhhhhh!!

it said first 3 days = 1 caplet/3x a day, day 4 onward = 2 caplet/3x a day..
always 50-60 min before eating

im planning to take it before my AM cardio around 5-6 am which my breakfast is around 7-8 am, then 11 am before lunch by 12 noon then 5-6pm before 7-8pm snack..

i ate 4-5 times a day as always recommended for diet..
low calorie diet, low cab

im planning to use protein shake maybe next 3-4 months..im just focusing now eliminating body fats...

comments Suggestions Violent reactions are greatly appreciated..