Slim Xtreme vs. ECA(Y)?

  1. Slim Xtreme vs. ECA(Y)?

    Alright, so I'm planning on taking either ECA(or Y) or Slim Xtreme, along with Lean FX due to the fact i get stressed often. I was just wondering what people thing of SX vs. ECA? I've taken ECA last year(Red Hot's, I think), and noticed some results. This time, I was either going to go the ECA route again, or SX. What yould you guys recommend? I've been reading and SX looks great, but does it have the same effects as ECA?

  2. It has similar effects on energy, but different overall . And biggest thing is that it lasts 12 hours with no crash. You could signup for the sample and try it free.

    Slim Xtreme samples take about 3-4 weeks to receive.

  3. how about taking SX, and an HCL pill along with it, instead of ECA?

  4. I cannot imagine doing that. Seriously, after you try SX you'll understand you don't need to stack it. Its all in one perfection. I mean check out the reviews here (scroll to the bottom:

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