Need your opinion...

  1. Need your opinion...

    I was planning on giving this program a try Crack by Marc MacDougal. Actually, I was planning on doing this program and a friends was gonna run p90x. I will also be following the p90x diet plan. Here is the stack I was thinking about running to lean me out...

    Anabolic Pump (love this stuff)
    REDuction PM
    Yeah I know this is small, thats why I am asking for some help.

    Possibly ECA, but I don't know. Looking for a longer running stack, then use ECA toward the end of my cutting phase to really cut the last few BF% points.Also, I would like to know what you all think about an BCAA supplement, NO booster, and creatine. I really don't want to run something that will give me that puffy feeling I have had from past NO/creatine supps, Rag and NO Xplode. Also, anymore product suggestions would be welcome. Thanks, everyone.

  2. UKStrength
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    Check your PMs mate, I've answered this in there.

  3. Thanks!

    Anyone else got any recommendations?

  4. Come on guys! UK's response was great, but i know there are other smart folks around here.

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