Universal - Milk & Egg Protein

  1. Nelson
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    Universal - Milk & Egg Protein

    Anyone used it?
    How is it?
    Where can I get some?

  2. Egg Protein - Once deemed the "golden standard" of proteins, while this reputation has faded a bit, never count out this old school protein. Derived from...you guessed it...eggs
    *Illustrious amino acid profile
    *Provides a complete protein source
    *Conveinet and can be used in the making of baked goods, etc.

    *Egg/Casein blend is decent to say the least, if its cheap, its a good "feeding protein" but Id just drink a couple large glasses of milk and save my money

  3. Originally posted by Nelson
    Anyone used it?
    How is it?
    Where can I get some?
    Most of the good, big online discount supp stores will carry it, or you could just buy it from Universal's site. They sell up to 30lbs I think (though priced at a few hundred dollars). I like the product tho... You should mebbe look at their Whegg as well, possibly a better choice depending on yer goals. I like Optimum's 100% Egg myself. Tastes very, very good if you're looking for other prot sources. Of course... you could always eat eggs and cottage cheese
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    Any other recommendations

    I`m looking for the most cost effective way to make a MRP.

    I plan to use egg and mix it with milk.

    I`m trying to decide between the following:
    *ISS Research Complete Egg Albumen Power - 1fast sells 20lbs of it for $150;
    *ProteinCustomizers Egg protein which is $4 per lb; &
    *Univeral`s Egg & Milk protein.

    But as YJ pointed out, I`d be better off just using some milk with the egg.

    I think I`ll end up ordering 5-10 lbs of ProteinCustomizer`s Egg protein.

    Unless someone else has a better idea.

  5. Universal's 30# sells for $162.54 w/free domestic shipping for orders over $100 at:


  6. Nelson
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    Thanks for the link Supafreek

    Have you used this before?


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