vitex, p5p L dopa

  1. vitex, p5p L dopa

    picked these up to run along side 1-tren in case progsetin issues arise. I did the search and came up with a few posts in regards to my questions, but here goes anyway...

    the p5p i have are 50 mg tablets, the bottle recommends 2 per day
    Dopabean, 15% extract, 333mg tablets bottle says 2 per day
    Vitex 500mg tablets, bottle says 1 per day.

    I know about L dopa and will not exceed the recommended dosage, but Im unsure of the dosage for the p5p and Vitex. i've read anything less than say 200-300 will be ineffective, so should i really run it at 300mg per day?

    Vitex can lower test? is that possible at 500mgs per day, should i not run this at all unless i have issues. im 35 and have been puffy all of my life, no hard lumps though, and it disguises itself a little when my skin tightens up. I wanted to try this not only because of taking 1-t Tren, but to see if what I currently have will subside.

    Is there a preferred time of the day for taking the Vitex?

  2. This never got any responses? If you are still interested it may get more hits in the anabolics section.

  3. What will those do for "progestin sides?" I only know of the prolactin-control uses for these.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Mass_69 View Post
    What will those do for "progestin sides?" I only know of the prolactin-control uses for these.
    I believe that is what he meant.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    I believe that is what he meant.
    Except he was referring to using 1-Tren (assuming 1-T Tren) containing prodienolone, which is assumed to have PgR activity.



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