Methyl Masterdrol V2 XPLO

  1. Methyl Masterdrol V2 XPLO

    is this product any good

  2. product any good talk tell me if its goooooododoodododo

  3. yes its a good product. what are your goals. if your 300lbs ur gonna have to dose real real heavy dude. tell us more about urself

  4. there are many positive and rave reviews on this product, its great for lean muscle mass gains, and especially for strength and workout energy.
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  5. in my experience, i've had great strength gains on cycle but i've found it hard to keep it all in my post cycle but that may just be me, Liquid Masterdrol is my fav cuz of the yohimbine potency, veins were popping all the time and it was quite easy to slim down



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