Break or no break?

  1. Break or no break?

    About to start week 4 of a 6 week cycle of DTHC and 6-oxo. I just wanna know if i should take some weeks off before starting ZMK again, or if it is safe to just go right into it after this cycle is over? I know alot of people say how ZMA/ZMK can be run daily with no breaks etc. However, should I give my testosterone a break for a while or will starting it right after be fine.

  2. starting it right after will be fine. You could even take it during without any problems whatsoever. ZMA/ZMK is not a "test booster". It's a combination of minerals used to support healthy testosterone levels. Insufficient levels of zinc can cause your natural testosterone levels to suffer, therefore taking the ZMA/ZMK supplement helps to ensure you do not fall into this deficiency.

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