Just found this new articile on the front page off cnn if anyone might be intersted. I know lots here arent to worried about liver damage snice must take care of there stuff on there own but my useful to someone.

    Stop using Hydroxycut products, FDA says - CNN.com

  2. whoa Im sure ill hear more about this since Im around this industry so much.
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  3. Crazy that they can't pinpoint the ingredients causing the problem

  4. Will other fat burners have similar problems and risks? I was thinking about going on Animal Cuts in a week or two but I assume there must be some overlapping ingredients. What do you guys think?

  5. 23 problems from 9 million bottles sold is an excellent performance. A porblem rate of less than 0.001%.

    Ibuprofen, Aspirin, and Paracetemol all cause more issues than that.

  6. i heard its got the ingrediant "Garcinia cambogia" thats suppose to be toxic.

    I dunno anything firther about it but that all i heard.

  7. i thought the same thing. 23 cases out of 9 million sold in one year... kind of wierd that they pulled it for that. seems to me like there's more to this story to come.

  8. As Dixie posted above, of the millions of people that take Hydroxycut on a daily basis, 23is a joke of an error margin. The liver failure is also probably due to a lack of intake of water while on it as well, or an overuse of the product beyond what the manufacturer recommends.

    It was not the FDA that recalled the line however, Iovate voluntarily recalled it under the scrutiny of the complaints. As much as I hate MuscleTech and it's holding company, they did the right thing in terms of trying to restore consumer confidence, the media just always blows it way out of proportion.

    As far as the ingredient in question beind Garcinia Cambogia, I highly doubt it. The herb is used in many other weight-loss supplements as a craving-reducer since it acts alot like fiber and regulates blood sugar levels. Liver failure can come from any one of the ingredients however, lack of water to faciliate it's transport and effective excrection.
  9. Davidlee
    Davidlee's Avatar

    i had to get my liver checked the other day b/c i had been taken hardcore for several months.. im good tho

  10. I was going to buy this for my girl.

  11. is anyone still taking hydorxycut hardcore...ive got almost a whole bottle that i'd hate to waste.

  12. this whole recall is due to the college kids who take the recommened dosage and then go out and get bombed... double dose on your liver. real great idea


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