Anyone know about Pro-Rated's whey protein ?

  1. Anyone know about Pro-Rated's whey protein ?

    Saturday I saw a 6 pound jug of Pro-Rated's Whey Protein for $20 at Costco. The only thing I'm weary of is their quality cause that seems too good a price to be true. I didn't buy cause I still have some Optimum left to use. They do have a seal that claims their stuff is made at an FDA inspected facility. If you about their quality please let me know, thanks.

  2. I use it and like it.

    My question is, why the HELL does everyone else seem to have a Costco that carries this? heh I searched my nearby Costco high and low and I couldn't find any protein powders at all.

  3. at least you have a Costco

  4. Used it for quite awhile, liked it. My costco stopped carrying it...............swine
  5. Thumbs up

    good stuff. good quality. i still get mine at city of industry Costco.

  6. no ****, didn't know it was at Costco.....I'll take a look

    And's fine whey

  7. Thanks bros, my worries are gone and I'm off to Costco. BTW, all I had seen in Costco before this was Met-Rx and Weider supplements.

  8. I'll have to check that out too. Costco here used to carry Met-Rx. Haven't seen it there in about a year or 2


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