deca vs.dbol?

  1. deca vs.dbol?

    any suggestions considering running a cycle to gain mass and strength just not sure which one to run with. suggestions anyone?

  2. Wrong section buddy, should go on the steroids section.

  3. on their own neither, also this should be in the steroid forum

  4. Obviously this is your first, so they say 500mg Test Cyp or E for 10 weeks. Though I would add 4 weeks of dbol as a kicker.

    Internet is your friend buddy, an 'OR' should not be used when talking about only those two.

  5. I agree with ajensen except I'd say run the Test for 12 weeks. You can also use D-Bol at the end of the cycle while the Test is clearing from your body.

  6. Yeah, I'm actually adding in Epi at the end with MMV2 to help with my lingering gyno and get cut for summer. I would extend it to 12 weeks but I haven't gained strength or size since my last week of orals(week 4).


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