EFA Supplementation

  1. EFA Supplementation

    I am trying to figure out exactly how I want to supplement healthy fats into my diet, and was wondering if anybody had any suggestions/protocol that they enjoy to use. I am looking into bulk fish oil, primarily, plus getting several packages of CLA to incorporate into my summer recomp. Are there any others that I should try to get in there as well? But I didn't know if a combination thing, like Animal's Omega product is a better choice. Any thoughts?

    BTW I am 21, 6'2" approx 205 lbs

  2. My routine was to take 5-10g fish oil before bed depending on training intensity that day (more efa's for more physiological stress). Taking them before bed prevents burping that will definitely happen with a dose that size of bulk fish oil. I've switched to neptune Krill oil as I can just take three small pills for the same benefits. I highly recommend neptune krill oil over fish oil, the cheapest i've found it is at swansons, for about $18 a month.

    As far as CLA, thats pretty much been debunked as ineffective and potentially harmful to the liver. No studies have ever showed it to work for fat/weight loss in humans, but there have been reports of liver damage. I can link to a thread if you're interested in reading more.

  3. i use the bulk NP fish oil caps, 12-15ish grams/day

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