Heart Conditions

  1. Heart Conditions

    Okay, I'm an avid lifter for almost two years now. After recent doctor visits I've found out it's possible I have a heart condition and it runs in my family. So, I was wondering what I can take that is safe for me with my problem. I assume pre-workout supps are out now, but I'll stick with protein. My problem is without a pre-workout supp I usually don't feel the pumps and have as good a lift. So what can I take to maybe help me pre workout or any help at all!!! Thanks guys.

  2. I'd assume creatine is safe.. what is your predisposed heart condition? Aside from serious arrhythmias or congenital defects which are fixed at birth, I can't think of something that would hinder workouts?

  3. Oxydrene, grape seed extract, L-Arginine ethyl ester, L-Carnitine, K-L-R-ALA, Beta Alaline and Vandilium Sulfate pre-work out will give GREAT pumps and the first 4 are great for your heart.

    PS. Contrary to popular belief, pumps do not dictate having a good workout

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