Sick Feeling

  1. Sick Feeling

    Hey Guys,

    Last night was my first night of training on my new supplements. I am currently taking:

    Hydroxy Cut – 3 in the morning with Breakfast then another 3 30min before I train (I train about 6:30pm).
    Metabolism Booster – 1 with Each Meal
    Gen-Tech – Creatine – 1 Hour before Training
    NO XPOLOD – 20min before training
    BCA Lean and Ripped Protein – 30min Before training then again Straight after training.

    The thing is last night half way through training I had a heaps sick feeling in my guts and felt like I was going to chuck.

    I was told I shouldn’t have had my protein with Milk that soon before training. Is this true? Should I wipe it out before training altogether and only have it straight after training?

    Any help would be great.

    Thanks Guys

  2. Could be the milk. More likely it's the Hydroxycrap and NOxplode. That's a lot of stimulants right before you train. And NOXplode by itself makes some folk sick to their stomachs.
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  3. Thanks. Would your recomend cutting out the protein before i train and leave it to have just after?

  4. Did you go from no stimulants to 6 hydroxycut and NO Xplode? If so their is your problem. That is a crap load of stims to start off with. But if you worked your way up it should be fine then. I wouldn't do hydroxycut and NO xplode pre workout. Thats like 700mg of caffeine or so.

  5. Also i would take you protein an hour before workout instead of 30min. Take it with a little complex carbs.

  6. Thanks for your advice. I might take the NO XPLODE before i train then take the Hydroxycut after i train with dinner.

  7. That could really interfere with your sleep patterns. So much caffeine so late in the evening will keep you up, when you need to sleep to recover.

    I'd recommend, if you're set on taking Hydroxy, do it first thing in the morning, again around 2:30pm, protein in milk an hour before you lift and NOXplode 1/2hr before you lift.
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