best magazine?

  1. best magazine?

    magazines could be considered supplements...

    anyway whats the best bodybuilding magazine, (with no bull****)?

  2. Planet Muscle, Muscular Development, Human Muscle Performence, Body Muscle Journal.

  3. I have to say Muscular Development.

  4. Muscular Development

  5. yea....muscular developement. only mag i subsribe to

  6. I don't subsrcibe to any. I get the crossfit journal online. Once in a while I will buy a Ironman.

  7. Fitness Rx. Best for all around fitness.

  8. MD has really improved.

  9. MD. Is the only one I buy.

  10. I really like MD, has quality info and some entertaining articles too. Almost forgot to mention they can also compete with Playboy.


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