taking promagnon 25 with atro-phex, ok?

  1. taking promagnon 25 with atro-phex, ok?

    im 23yrs old and have an old bottle of the original promagnon25...i have ran some cycles in the past but was wondering if it would be safe and/or benificial to continue taking the atro-phex...im going to stay at 50mgs for the duration of my four week cycle...

    any insight?

  2. How much do you have left of the atro-phex? I'm don't remember what's in it, I just know most people don't like it. Honestly, I think any fat burner is kind of a waste when your taking a ds. If your goal is to recomp and lean out the promag is sufficient.

  3. i have about a couple weeks worth left...how do pharmies interact...such as: ambien or benzos...i know maoi's and antidepressents aren't good to take...

    any advice or knowledge would be appreciated...

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