G plenish ?

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  1. Question G plenish ?

    I've read alot on another board that I'm a member of and would like to have some input from this board. (Due to the fact I feal the knowledge on this board is 2nd to none.)
    Is this a good product and if so does PN have it ?
    The forums on that board seems to say it is very good over all supplement for healing,Immune system and many other benefits.
    As stated in another thread I'm 2 mths post surgery and would like all the help I can get for benefits in recovery.
    As alway all replys are welcomed but, would really like to hear from Bobo and Chemo on this.

  2. You might want to move this to the supplement section as it will get the intended attention there. That being said, all who have tried it seem to have very positive results in the way of reduced soreness, reduced recovery time and things of that nature.

  3. Moved.. and I am like you.. I started PT this last week and I guess I will be back lifting in a couple of months... I hope.. so this would benefit me also
  4. Power Nutrition
    Power Nutrition's Avatar

    We will have GPlenish in stock very soon.


  5. Thanks to all who responded:
    Matthew D
    PT S*cks but without it you'd be screwed, 4 mths before I was allowed any weights to speak of and 6 mths for full recovery.

    Thanks I will be looking forward to you having it. I ordered my M1T from the store and was real pleased in your services.

    I moved it to the supplement section and I also heard the same statement's and hope it will work for me also.

  6. Hey Top, what type of surgery did you have done?.. just being nosey

  7. I should be getting a sample of Gplenish, soon. I will post my feedback from it, I think I will be using it during my cardio intense feb.

  8. this sounds like a good product.. I will be waiting to see how things go size...

  9. No problem Matthrew
    I had my Labriem ? and the bicep ligamint repaired this time.....Yeah I know spelling.....not my favorite subject.
    Frist two was to relocate my bicep ligamint to the outside of shoulder and bone spur's due to auto accident.

  10. ouch.. sounds about as painful as mine.. had a fusion of the L3-L4 vertebra and a replacement if the disc..

  11. What board did you read about it on? I have done a thorough log/review on it on another board; if you read about it at a different location, I would be happy to copy-and-paste some of the more informative pieces here. I wanted to ask first so I didn't post something you'd already read.

  12. Either way, please feel free to post it here...

  13. I read it on BB.com Ghost and i would enjoy any and all info on this supplement you have to offer.....
    I'm sure your's is worst...watched my Dad go though it in the 70's three surgreys on same disc L4 & L5...... I know technology is better but I hate to even think about back surgery.
    anyhow good luck with P.T. Did you do the Damage working out or some other way.....

  14. Here are some excerpts from my thread on BB.com:

    G-Plenish impressions and review
    This thread is geared toward reviewing G-Plenish GlutaGain Glutamine Peptides from Anabolic Fitness. I've never used a glutamine product regularly (my friend let me use some L-glutamine on occasion after hard workouts over the summer), so this will be a new experience for me.

    OMEGA, the man behind G-Plenish, recommends 3 heaping tablespoons a day; he states that this supplement is dose dependent and not time dependent, so I intend to split it up through the day: 1 tbsp post-workout, 1 tbsp in midday shake, 1 tbsp before bed in oatmeal. The side of the container claims "peptide bonded glutamine [is] acid and heat stable. Cooking and/or acidic beverages will not destroy the glutamine in GlutaGain." Still, I will avoid adding it to diet soda (and there's a reason for that) or extremely hot oatmeal.

    I am currently taking a multi-vitamin, whey protein, and Swole V.2; I have been on Swole V.2 for a week now and have used V-12 and other creatine before, so I believe that I can tell what results are creatine-related and what aren't.

    I lift M-F, one body part a day except one day is dedicated to biceps and triceps. Lifting is done at 600 am, before the daily stresses begin to mount. My diet is clean and regular - lots of fresh vegetables, eggs, chicken, tuna, complex carbs from rice, oats, and yams, and EFAs from flax seeds.

    Stay tuned for impressions; hopefully other reviewers will be posting here as well.

    Initial impressions

    The powder looks very natural; anyone who has taken Beverly Mass Maker, it looks a lot like this, especially in texture, however it is a little more yellow. It seems to mix very well, though I mix everything in a shaker bottle and never seem to experience poor mixing (except for Designer Whey, the most immiscible substance known to man).

    The smell is a little "funky" for lack of a better word. Definitely doesn't smell like something that was buttered up to taste EXTREME and DELICIOUS. There are too many of those products as it is, so this doesn't bother me. The taste is "earthy". It hit me hard at first, even in my Optimum Strawberry shake. You definitely won't be wanting to drink this stuff in water alone. However, in my post-workout shake this morning with dextrose in it, the taste was less overpowering. I think I will get used to it. Still, this is a review, so those with a quick gag reflex or super sensitive taste buds, be warned: you will not like this supplement.

  15. 10-25-03
    Today is the day that I was hoping to see some results. Legs day was yesterday, and the following day I usually limp around campus like I was just ran a marathon and was greeted at the finish by a group of thugs with baseball bats. I can definitely say that soreness is down today. This is NOT due to an easier workout yesterday; on the contrary, I had the best legs day I have had in as long as I can remember - squat jumped 20 pounds with no loss in reps in fact, which is the biggest boost I've had in a lift in awhile.

    I am beginning to get used to the taste. It isn't so bad actually. Anyone else trying it with chocolate protein powder? I am fairly certain that my strawberry Optimum is just about the worst flavor that it could be mixed with. If I can stand that, I can stand it in anything. I just ran out of the strawberry though, and I've gotta say that I'll be going back to chocolate.

    Anyway, my main points:
    * getting used to taste
    * probably tastes best in chocolate whey
    * recovery is up
    * I feel overall more energetic throughout the day, even after a tough workout

    I'll continue with the updates early next week.

    Chest workout today; in the past this is where I get my best pumps. Sweet cheeba, today was no exception - better pumps than last week when I was taking Swole V.2 but no G-Plenish. I also noticed last night that I am looking bigger. Hmmm. Also, legs are not sore at all today, even after a 4 mile hike up a mountain Saturday (and leg workout Friday). Legs NEVER recover this fast. I am sure it is the G-Plenish.

    I am eagerly anticipating more benefits.

    I've been taking G-Plenish for 1 week now. I definitely look bigger. Workouts have been fairly intense for this late in the semester. Recovery has been amazing, likely a combination of my new habit of sleeping every chance I get combined with G-Plenish usage. It's flu season, and kids are getting sick all over campus. Here's hoping the immune-boosting properties of glutamine peptides kick in as well. Also, taste is really no longer an issue.

  16. 11-03-03
    Things are picking up in school and I'm not sure how much recreational time I'll have to visit the forums. To do justice to G-Plenish, I am posting my "final verdict" now so I have it done. Granted, I have only been taking G-Plenish for 12 days, but I feel that I can draw certain conjectures about its efficacy. Furthermore, I will post additional updates, time permitting, if I notice anything markably new.

    What I experienced (in order of noticeability/significance):
    1) drastically reduced recovery times
    2) cell volumization/muscle fullness
    3) sense of wellbeing (obscure, yes, but true)
    4) pump
    5) strength (mild increase, perhaps cross-related to recovery)
    6) very restfull sleep

    Based on my experience, I recommend this product to individuals who:
    ~ are in very stressful environments
    ~ will consume anything, regardless of taste, in the name of results
    ~ train hard and often/on the verge of overtraining
    ~ feel perpetually fatigued
    ~ have extra cash to spend on something that works

    Granted, this is a fantastic product, but to do my duty as a representative of this board and to state objectively, it isn't for everyone. You don't need/won't like G-Plenish if:
    ~ you are tight on money; spend it on whey, creatine, multi, food
    ~ you don't train all that often
    ~ you have highly sensitive tastebuds
    ~ you are one of the many people who cannot for the life of them measure their own scoops (no scooper is provided)

    Overall, I have been extremely pleased with this supplement. As stated above, for those of you looking to drop a little cash on something new that works, give it a go. To be truthful, I will not be purchasing any more G-Plenish for the time being, as college funds are tight. Had I the money, I would, but I won't lie and say I "just ordered a truckload, so act now!!"

    I hope this review was helpful. My thanks to OMEGA for the opportunity, other reviewers for their appreciated feedback, and BB.com for providing a great forum.
  17. Cool

    Thanks for the info Ghost....It seems everyone is getting good results with this in the recovrey department and that is what I was hoping for..
    Looking forward to hearing your results Size

    PN...anytime frame

  18. I, too, like GFK, have had amazing results with G-Plenishl. I am currently doing a review of many items and will post it on AM, among other sites, when I am done...**Hopefully later this week or over the weekend.** Omega is having another trial run soon with a few board members, who will review it along with Legal Gear's Cold Fusion (pre-workout energizer). Among the list is GhostfaceKillah, Size, Dito and myself (plus a few others on BB.com, not sure if they post on AM)

  19. great
    I'll keep my eye open for it as I'm also a member @ BB.com

  20. I am waiting for the Gplensih but I really am not sure when it will arrive or be shipped. I just hope it is in my hands by Feb.

  21. Size,

    It has not been shipped yet. Not sure if you recall the thread, but Omega won't ship until GFK gets back into the states (which is soon). Hopefully it'll be in our hands within the next few weeks

  22. I keep hearing of these incredible results w/ G-plenish but they all sound a little vague. Has anyone gained muscle or lost fat on this product (and if so were you taking other stuff too)? Of those who have used it, did you use it again? What do you really get from this stuff in the end?


  23. Quote Originally Posted by Number 5
    I keep hearing of these incredible results w/ G-plenish but they all sound a little vague. Has anyone gained muscle or lost fat on this product (and if so were you taking other stuff too)? Of those who have used it, did you use it again? What do you really get from this stuff in the end?

    Greatly reduced DOMS was the main thing that I noticed. I did gain muscle while on this product; I believe that my accelerated recovery allowed me to train harder and more often than usual. The yardstick I use to measure recovery by is legs day, and I was able to move normally again 1 or 2 days earlier than normal. I will be getting another container of G-Plenish within the next month or so and will be able to more accurately assess its benefits then.

  24. Ghost, how many lbs of muscle gain would you attribute to one jug of this product in your case (just an estimate)?

    are you currently bigger (in lbs) than when you started? what about bf changes?

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  25. Well, it appears that my sample of Gplenish has be put on hold until ?????.



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