Mass FX vs ActX

  1. Mass FX vs ActX

    Which product would you say is better? Or would you say one is better for a bulk whereas on is better for a cut? Any preference at all?

    Are both of these similar in the fact that a primary ingredient in both is Divanil?

  2. I'd get the bulk nettle root powder from Nutraplanet over those.

    and yes they are both very similiar

  3. I've only used one of them, so I can't give a fair personal recommendation. (Sorry, but my "to do" list is way too long these days...) But from what I've heard and read from tons of people, either/or would be a good choice. There's a lot of difference between what User A-G say and what Users H-P say. In the end, what works best for you is a matter of trying both and deciding. Unfortunately, that really is the only way. It's more expensive and time consuming, but in the end you'll be much better for it - running 2 awesome products and having 2 great months!

    Good luck in your decisions. If you need any help on the MFX front, just let us know. We're always floating around somewhere!
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  4. Mass FX and Activate Xtreme ARE different but the results from both would be comparable. Both would be just as good for bulking and cutting as the other would.

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