1. Gyno

    Okay ive been taking X-mass for my first week day 7 im taking 1 pill every 12 hrs and im noticing that both my nipples are getting a little sore..ive had gyno before and i know was it feels like and its starting to develop again ..i was going to get e-form but i cant find it anywere wat should i get to stop this!?

    really appriciate ive been reading alot about it but cant find anything

  2. Id get a hold of some Nolva and Letro. You do have Nolva on hand before starting your cycle right?
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  3. Nope i dont i just bought the x-mass and started taking it..i know im dumb but ive been taking it for a week and im going to stop until i figure out wat i need 2 get to take with it..So as you say i need to get Nolvadex and letro..Can you please give me a link to the both products i need to get please?

  4. I wouldnt go crazy with the letro its very, very powerful and no offense I dont think you know enough to treat yourself with it. Start with the nolva at 10-20 mg that should work for ya. Remember nolva is very toxic too, everyone thinks its harmless.

  5. ok thanks but where do i get nolvadex caps at?

  6. any help please?

  7. (nolva and letro) its a research chemical, you have to use google, it cannot be bought at a supplement site

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Noxious View Post
    ok thanks but where do i get nolvadex caps at?
    Nolva and letro are a prescription only medicine. anything else is illegal and can only be bought illegally. i smell a rat

  9. try: Let him find what he wants on his own

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Motox View Post
    try: Let him find what he wants on his own
    i had a dog.....and his name was, BINGO


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