Halodrol Liquigels A Leaner Muscular Physique Or Just A Nice Rack For Your Cellmates To Admire

Are you looking for a way to safely build up your strength and muscle mass up without breaking the law or growing "bitch tits"? My husband is, and informed me that he was going to start taking a muscle & strength building supplement called Halodrol Liquigels.

In the interest of keeping him out of jail (and my bras), I decided to research this product before giving him the green light to start taking it. After all, I'd heard some negative things about another product called Halodrol-50, so I wanted to be sure that this was a different supplement. I also wanted to make sure that it was legal, find out what the possible side effects are, and who could safely use it. In this article I'll share with you exactly what I discovered about Halodrol Liquigels.

Is It The Same Supplement?

No, Halodrol Liquigels and Halodrol-50 are not the same thing. Halodrol-50 was a very popular strength & muscle building prohormonal supplement that was voluntarily discontinued by its manufacturer, Gaspari Nutrition, after a newspaper article claimed the supplement contained anabolic steroids. It was replaced with Halodrol Liquigels, a non-prohormonal product that promises to deliver results similar to the original product.

Is It Legal?

Yes, Halodrol Liquigels is legal. Halodrol-50 had one active ingredient, a prohormone, which is a substance very similar to anabolic steroids. Currently, anabolic steroids and prohormones are illegal in the United States. Halodrol Liquigels is not prohormonal, and it?s 5 active ingredients are all legal.

What Are The Possible Side Effects?

There really wasn't much information about possible side effects on Gaspari Nutrition's website, so I scoured the bodybuilding forums for actual user side effects. I did not find any user complaints of gynecomastia, (a.k.a. "bitch tits"), the enlargement of male breast tissue, which is a common side effect of anabolic steroids and prohormones like Halodrol-50. I did, however, find reports of oily skin, minor acne outbreaks, and an increased libido.

I also found some interesting information on these forums about one of the main ingredients, Arachidonic Acid. Several posts cautioned against taking omega-3 fatty acid supplements and anti-inflammatories while using Halodrol Liquigels. There were also several warnings about avoiding red meat and healthy fats, as Arachidonic Acid inhibits the body's ability to absorb them.

Who Can Safely Use It?

Halodrol Liquigels is definitely NOT for everyone. If you

* Are under the age of 21
* Are a woman
* Have any type of auto-immune or systematic inflammatory condition
* Have ever had any type of cancer

You can NOT take this supplement!

Overall, I was fairly satisfied with what I learned about Halodrol Liquigels. It?s not a prohormone or anabolic steroid, it?s legal, and the side effects appear to be negligible, or even positive (increased libido? Works for me!). As my husband is a healthy man in his 30?s with no history of cancer, I see no problem with him taking it. That does not, however, mean that you should. You need to do your own research and talk to your doctor before taking Halodrol Liquigels or any supplement.

Taylor Castoldi is a free-lance writer married to an aspiring Mr. Olympia. Concerned about the health and safety of her husband, she devotes a great detail of her time to researching and writing about the bodybuilding industry and performance enhancing supplements. To learn more about Halodrol Liquigels, and other legal performance enhancing supplements, visit Taylor?s site at http://www.halodrolreviews.com

By: Taylor Castoldi