Need Help for PR Day Parade

  1. Need Help for PR Day Parade

    Hey, so i'm getting ready to walk in the Puerto Rican Day Parade in NYC on Sunday, June 14. I am part of the New Generation Young Lords. Its a organization which gets people from full blooded PR to part PR (like me) from all aspects of cultural things such as athletics, dance, painting, singing, religion, etc. I was just told this by my instructor so I needa get in shape, I am not bad now, but i'd liek to get more cut. Can I start on 1 stack now, wait a week, then start a diff stack?! Such as using RPM/Drive/LEv Reload/w/e else, then wait a week and then start a stack like the asteroid stack but in bulk form?! What stacks do you guys recommend to take. What supps?! Idc the cost as long as it is under $200 a stack. I got another present (jaha) from my coaches to spend on work out supps. As long as its not a steroid or a ph i'm down for w/e. Please help me out. Even PM's would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot. Muchas Gracias.

    Para los Hispanos:
    Por Favor! Ayudame!

  2. Yo soy boriqua and I always represent in my PR Parade in NYC every year so I am
    going to help you put together a good supplement stack but the most important thing
    is your diet. Before you spend money on supplements make sure your diet is on point
    you can use any supp. stack but if your diet sucks so will your results. What does your
    diet look like.

  3. Dale hombre dale! Pero its hard to post my diet as 1 main thing because it changes so much. I eat mostly poultry and fruits and spices. I eat a lot of cold cuts with a small piece of Sicilian bread and i only add stuff like adobo to it. Then my mangos and apples and melon and grapes and etc. I dont really eat candy and i have only chorizo and 1 tiny pancake for desayuno. I'm on the go between college, my activites, my girlfriend, and my friends and family. But i think its straight. now i'm just worried bout the supps b/c i practice everything so much and i chill and rough house so much and then things get hot and heavy with my girl and me so its stressful to just make the workouts so intense. I'm exhuasted and ever since we moved to nj from NY, in my house i fell asleep on the stairs and i'd swear to you after a few beers and gettin dropped off from a party, i fell asleep on the stoop infronta my casa. jaha. i need a nice kick in the ass (tu sabes?!)

  4. Whoa! Puerto-rocks representin'! LOL! Anyways, you're eating way too many carbs, TI. If you're not willing to change that, I'd suggest looking into Glycobol but more importantly you need to spend more time in the Nutrition section and less time in the supplement section.

  5. same supplement suggestions people have given you every time you ask this question man.

  6. Yo Trynaimprove you got to clean up your diet if you train in the AM. have some
    complex carbs and protein before training and some carbs and protein as soon as you
    finish training. The rest of your meals should consist of quality protein,fiberous vegetables, large salads and some good fats such as almonds,walnuts, virgin olive
    oil, and natural peanut butter. You have to cut out the bread, rice, potatos, beer,
    and slow down on the fruit only a piece or two right after you train the rest of the
    day should consist of what I wrote above. Your diet should look like this 50% quality
    protein 30% healthy fats and 20% complex carbs. Once your diet looks like this you
    should see you body getting a little harder and more vascular. The right diet is the key
    to being in shape for the parade and you need to hurry because you don't have too
    much time.


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