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    so im gonna be putting in a order to NP soon as the sale comes. I want to get some important goodies into my bulking cycle but due to funds i cant get carried away.I was thinking of adding in ZMA/Fish oils (cause i know i can use both)along with bulk creatine to whatever i plan to use. (prob DTH or Glycobol-thinking of stacking either with stoked). Im planning on getting the bulk protein if available from ATW. Plan to start a log and all that good stuff with my diet. How does this sound to you guys-any tweaks?


  2. fish oil are good. if your not getting in zinc in your diet which should be complete or your multi i wouldnt worry about zinc. zinc doesnt increase testostrone levels studies show. if there a definciency its a problem.


    Multivitamin fish oil, creatine and beta alanine are staples
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  3. maybe some BCAA's. Otherwise, I'd say put your money towards food if you're on a budget.

    By the way, why doesn't NP carry Core ABC?

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