Does Taking Glucosamine Help With Joint Pain

  1. Does Taking Glucosamine Help With Joint Pain

    Does Taking Glucosamine Help With Joint Pain

    There are many joint pain relief and or joint health supplements on the market. The main ingredient in most of these supplements is Glucosamine. Glucosamine is a compound that the latest research has shown to be very beneficial to promoting joint healing. This is a very important distinction that should be recognized, when looking at joint pain products. Most over the counter joint pain products are primarily concerned with pain reduction and only pain reduction. Glucosamine promote healing in damaged joints, thus relieving pain in both acute and chronic arthritic conditions.

    I would like to share my first clinical experience with a Glucosamine supplement that really opened my eyes and my mind to the possible health benefits of Glucosamine. I had a patient who owned a karate school, he was a black belt. He would perform various karate techniques at competitions and events. For years one of the techniques he demonstrated was breaking boards with karate kicks. On one visits to my office he complained of foot pain around the big toe. His x-ray revealed no fractures, but he was diagnosis with halicus degenerous, a condition where the main joint of the big toe is deteriorating. His condition was severe, with over 50% of the joint obliterated. When we were discussing his options he asked me about taking Glucosamine. At this point I really was not very familiar with Glucosamine.

    This was almost twenty years ago, and I had not seen or read anything about it, so I told him I would look into it. There was not very much research, or documentation, but what was available indicated that it was safe and might help. I spoke with the patient about the info I read, and he decided to try it. I only saw that patient a few times over the next year. On a follow-up visit, almost one year after the initial visit, he indicated that the toe was no longer a problem, so I asked if we could take a new x-ray of it. Well, let me tell you that I was more that a little surprise to see what appeared to be an x-ray of a completely normal toe. That kind of healing generally does not take place. This was just one of many positive experiences I have witnessed over the years.

    So to answer the question, yes absolutely taking a Glucosamine supplement will help reduce your joint pain.

    Dr Robert Buckley shares his knowledge of vitamin and the benefits of glucosamine and liquid vitamins for joint health.

    By: Robert Buckley

  2. I have received a wealth of positive feedback from the majority of my glucosamine using customers. The sweet spot would be 1.5 grams of glucosamine, 1.2 of chondriotan, and 2 grams of MSM.

    That approach works by stopping the breakdown and actually repairing the respective tissues. Another great approach is to combine it with natural anti inflammatory supplements, such as fish oil, curcumin, etc.

  3. I've been having pretty good results from Forged Joint Repair. I have a mini log running, links in my sig. It's a combo of some good stuff like Glucosomine, chondroitin, cissus etc.
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