Just purchased this.

    I was using Dymatize XPAND (NON STIMULANT) NO Reactor for about 2 months, I ended up in the hospital with severe kidney pains and when they ran my blood work, the hospital Doctor told me that my kidneys were producing triple the amount of Creatinine (bi-product of creatine) due to the amount of creatine that is in Dymatize XPAND (4.5G) I will no longer take creatine and I was not that impressed with the Dymatize from start to finish, did not really give me a pump.

    So I have decided to take this route with NITROCHARGE from Prima Force, I would like to know if anyone has experience with this product and if so, has it given you a great pump during your workout. My guy at the health food store said it does not contain any stimulants (I have a history of anxiety so I don't mess with stims.) and it will be more than enough for what I am looking for as far as the ingredients are concerned. What would you recommend as far as doses are concerned?

    Thanks in advance...

    PS The site will not let me post a link to the product (not enough posts yet) if someone can post it I would appreciate it. Thank you...

  2. No stims. It is DiArginine Malate - two arginine molecules bonded to malic acid.

    It's a decent pump product that also offers endurance enhancement, via KREBS intermediate Malate. Virtually tasteless and mixes decently.

    It's one of the first products we released (when I was with Prima Force) and one of the most underrated, IMO.
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  3. Thanks for the fast reply, greatly appreciated... Any other opinions from others who have used this product would be appreciated...

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