Best Fat burner that helps retain muscle?

  1. Best Fat burner that helps retain muscle?

    I have been lifting for about 4 years and have used tons of supps. I have had lots of good results with certain things and have continued to use those. My size is great and I keep on growing but its time for me to try and cut a bit more fat. ive never had any luck with fat burners ive used before, they either slim everything down or just take off some subcataneous fat and put it right back on when done. What is the best fat burner to take that will also help me keep my mass?

  2. Slim Extreme is a very popular one look that up but a few others i know off are

    Recreate (USPlabs)
    Levithan Reloaded

  3. As long as your diet and training are in place, X-Force is a great fat loss/ energy supplement that I have great results with. It is made to enhance your mood and give you a steady flow of energy without the jitters. I like to take it pre workout because it helps with my stamina and endurance as while lifting. I've had great fat loss results while using X-Force (lost 5% BF in 2 months).

  4. Cardio + X-Force + BCAA's/EAA's + whey protein would be great for your goals.
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  5. Levi Reloaded is great.

  6. Drive and/or Lipotrophin-PM. It is one of my favorite all around stacks.
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  7. I've had good success with DCP/Scorch stacks for my previous cuts... and just loaded up on my bcaas during my diet.... lost a little bit of size. but nothing too major

    ..I just ordered some Slim Xtreme/Lean FX for my upcoming cut so i'll see how that compares

    but you cant go wrong with any of the ones mentioned already... just try and grab some bcaas along with the fat burner and you'll be set

    xtend or Purple wraath... there both good!

  8. LeanfX/Hyperdrol is probably (definitely) my favorite stack for cutting. When done just right, it actually gains muscle.

    LeanFX/SX is something I've been experimenting with over the last couple of weeks. A stimulant-based fatburner stacked with a cortisol controlling fatburner always seems to do the trick for me, when it comes time to cut. The one thing that I absolutely love is the appetite/cravings control from LeanFX. Some people get great appetite control from SX, but for me, I've noticed it a lot more from LeanFX. It's an odd sensation because I can eat at mealtimes without a problem, but I don't feel tempted to overeat.
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