Best Energy Supplemet (NOT PREWORKOUT)

  1. Best Energy Supplemet (NOT PREWORKOUT)

    For track meets i've been using Redline Xtreme, which has been very good to me. But the taste has gotten extremely old and I'm wanting to switch it up.
    What i've used that has worked
    Redline original
    Redline Xtreme
    Redline 7 Hour Shot
    All 5 Hours

    Im looking at fat burners and I've heard they provide extreme energy boost.
    Like Lipo 6x, Hydroxy Hardcore Ignition Stix or Pills,

  2. Cant believe I spelled Supplement wrong lol

  3. two scoops of Blast in cold water is my favorite. It beats the hell out of morning coffee.

  4. SX by AX, duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh h

  5. You may want to look into Pure Supplements Y-RD. Nothing gives me clean energy like Y-RD.
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  6. Slim Xtreme has been VERY nice to me. I don't use it everyday but it alwys delivers with a focused energy that lasts....and lasts...
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Chargerfball25 View Post
    Slim Xtreme has been VERY nice to me. I don't use it everyday but it alwys delivers with a focused energy that lasts....and lasts...
    I have heard that. I would love to try SX, seems like a great energy option.
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  8. Almost too much sometimes. 2 caps and im productive for a good 12-14 hours. Get a little teeth clenching though which is odd, like nervous energy but doesn't manifest itself in any other form
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  9. Geranium Extract


    ECA stack. ive been on it almost 4 weeks (about to take a two week break) and i feel like i could run a marathon all day. you gotta slowly bump up the E 25mg every week for 4 weeks.

  10. Nutras 1,3-Dim did not do a thing for me even dosing 120mg. Opening them up and drinking them gave me a nice buzz but not what I expected or have felt from other formulas
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  11. Slim Xtreme is by far the best energy supplement I've ever taken, the energy lasts as long as they claim it does and I usually only need 1 pill in the morning with the occasional 2 if necessary. As mentioned above Y-RD is also awesome. Me and my roommates will take 1 or 2 before we go out at night.

    Yesterday I took 2 SX in the morning and at night I had to write an essay that was due tonight. I took 1 Y-RD and 1g phenibut followed by another .5g an hour later than another .5 an hour after that. It was quite the experience haha I didn't end up going to bed until 3am even after I finished my paper.

  12. 1 hot-rox extreme in the morning always got me going

  13. I love X-Force. It has Geranium, Caffeine and Sulbutiamine. Great combo for steady flow of non-jittery energy, mood enhancement and fat loss.


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