rookie question Can I take my EC stack pre workout? Is it safe?

  1. rookie question Can I take my EC stack pre workout? Is it safe?

    ok currently I work out at 0530 as soon as I get up
    this is what I do pre workout.
    1g of green tea
    1lean extreme
    2 dcp
    5g glutamine
    20g of plain powdered complex carbs
    1 tablespoon of power butter.

    My question is can i incorporate my first dose of bonkoaid in this and will it be safe to do so?
    I do 30 min of high intensity low rep cardio before I train to max fat loss.
    Also is there anything I should change pre-workout to maximize fat loss?

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  3. simply lifting weights first and cardio after should help burn extra fat and give you a better workout imo. you need to use up your glycogen stores before cardio!

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