Animal Pak and Animal Pump! For more Bulk?

  1. Animal Pak and Animal Pump! For more Bulk?

    Hey Guys, I did a couple of surveys on Animal Pak and animal pump and shock therapy, I'm just looking for a lil more opinions on if I should take Animal Pack with Animal Pump or shock therapy for more results to bulking up for the summer?

  2. It is really up to you? I prefer pills so I enjoy pump much more than ST.
    Pump is a handful of pills and ST is a scoop of grape powder. Animal pak is definitely a solid multi and a choice that you won't regret. In all honesty my vote is for pump. The effects stack over the time it is used and you can really tell on your second week. Go for the pump.
    SFW and GFH

  3. I use Pump to intensify my trainings, not to bulk. I guess Pump and Shock Therapy more or less fall under the same category. I've tried both...
    If you're looking for an Animal product that'll give you guaranteed gains, M-stak is the way to go. I've stacked 2 cans (with one week between the 2) and gained 6.5 pounds
    Do a search on it and I'm quite sure you'll find other positive reviews.

  4. Some people prefer Shock Therapy (drink) while others prefer Animal Pump (caps/tabs). Keep in mind with Pump you have the option of taking the stims or leaving them out (all contained in a single red pill).

    Most days I take Animal Pump however on days when I am dragging and need a boost I will take Shock Therapy, it has more of a "kick" to it.

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