So, I was reading a lot of people on here using ECA stack by using Bronkaid (suprised i actually picked it up) caffiene and advill???? I have all of the ingridients but i have the caffiene in the form of a fat burner called jet fuel and i have body usually reacts extremely well to 300 mg caffiene so i was thinking instead of going right off the bat 300 mg caffiene and 25 mg bronkaid maybe start off 300c 12.5e and im completely clueless on the advil..ive also read ECY and jet fuel does contain yohimbe...ANY ADIVCE?????

    plan on testing it tomorrow during my fasted cardio... THANKS GUYS

  2. don't bother with the advil, if u want to do it it's supposed to be baby asprin, u can't be taking advil 3 times a day at that high dosage. 300mg of caffeine is good for u but the ephedrine is what's doing most of the work. stay with the 25mg and order a cheap bottle of caffeine pills on nutraplanet.

  3. i mean ive had good success with 300 mg of caffiene im just scared of being too UPED by 300mg caffiene and 25mg e instead of 12.5 just to test the waters..ya feel me

  4. and how many times a day can u take bronakid at 25

  5. Quote Originally Posted by mw525 View Post
    and how many times a day can u take bronakid at 25
    i take 25mg's 3 times a day, but my tolerance to stims is very very high. start off with 25 in the morning and afternoon and asses tolerance. if ur fine throw in 12.5 later at night and if u can deal with that try to bump the 3rd dose up to 25mg's

  6. I don't stay up late enough to take 3 doses...Keep in mind that 25mg of Ephedrine Sulfate (Bronkaid) is about the equivalent of 19.5mg Ephedrine HCL.


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