Free 3 bottles of TransForm (Forged)

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  1. Free 3 bottles of TransForm (Forged)

    Heres the deal. CustomCapsule has just launched a new line Called TransForm Supplements.

    There are 6 products to start in the Line up.

    We will be sampling 3 bottles (your choice) to five people.

    I don't want to drag this out so we will pick today. If you are interested in participating please have some posting experience under your belt and I prefer you to be an active member in the community.

    I will randomly pick the 5 later this evening.

    To check out the line and the three products you would be interested in trying visit

    TransForm Supplements CC's new line


    MOD EDIT: Announcing new product line so it is allowed in this section.

  2. Interested in the Liver Support and Post Cycle (the ph combos are too much for me). Not sure how those would be tested by users though. Would necessary bloodwork be involved to measure hormone and liver values before and after? Otherwise we wouldn't know how well the products work. That could get pricy for the user.

    Anyway, good luck with the new line.

  3. Goodluck with it, but yea the PH ones seem nuts...Im sure plenty of people will get it though.

  4. Im very interested in sampling your products. mostly the burner and joint.

    EDIT: i guess not the PH seems pretty crazy for me.

  5. I'm most interested in that ephedrine analog...

    I suppose most of the interesting information pertaining to it is a trade secret right now isn't it?

    EDIT: Yeah... looking at it so far the only thing that has really peaked my interest is the burner. The addition of new stimulants to the market always gets me excited and the ingredient profile really makes me want to see what kind of synergy it has.

  6. I`m Interested in the TS Burner

  7. Ill run the join support
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  8. i'll run any of the none ph's.

    too young for a ph.

  9. 6 Products to start, so they've got even more planned

  10. the burner, joint, and lean mass look interesting for me (honestly i didnt look at the liver one) the line looks good and the packaging too

  11. Interested in running lean mass, joint support, and burner.

  12. Im down for logging the products

  13. Great! Thanks for the feedback guys....

    We are still adding products to the line. Suggestions are always welcomed.


  14. please put me down for joint repair. i currently take celebrex......would like to see how this compares

  15. Quote Originally Posted by CustomCapsule View Post
    Great! Thanks for the feedback guys....

    We are still adding products to the line. Suggestions are always welcomed.

    an affordable natty t-booster with an ai in it...

  16. INterested in the Post Cycle and Lean Mass

  17. Sounds like a great deal, always nice to see new companies comming along. The Burner and both Mass products look really solid. I'm excited to see feedback on those.

    Any ranges on pricing for these yet?

  18. Sounds like a great deal, always nice to see new companies comming along. The Burner and both Mass products look really solid. I'm excited to see feedback on those.

    Any ranges on pricing for these yet?

  19. sign me up for lean mass and anything that helps me finish that cycle!
    or just 2-3 bottles of lean mass !

    of course full logs, ive done several already, just pm me for details

  20. I'd definitely be interested in running the Joint support you have. I've been looking for a really good joint supplement and haven't had too much luck with it. I would also run the burner and The post cycle looks interesting too. Those would be my 3 choices.

  21. Liver Support, Post Cycle Support, and Joint Repair would be a sweet combo Products look awesome. Props.

  22. count me in for joint support. I am 33, so you know how that works

  23. I would love to sample any of the products but if I had to choose I would probably go with:

    Extreme Mass
    Lean Mass
    Post Cycle

    After those it would be:

    Joint Repair
    Liver Support

  24. I would be interested in Extreme Mass and Lean Mass and Liver Support. I could log both of these products on AnabolicMinds if chosen, would keep a very detailed log. I realize I don't have as high of a post count as some of the other users here, but I am extremely active. Averaging about 4-5 hours a day on these forums (yes I know thats a lot . ) but I'm more of a reader then a poster. The products look great. Thanks for the opportunity you guys are giving us .

    Edit: Stats 187 lbs, 5'10"
    Past ph/ds exp : m-drol, h-drol, tren (estra-4), trenadrol, p-plex

  25. I'd be down to try out an log your Burner,Extreme Mass or Lean Mass... I just started a new log that I can put on hold!

  26. I'm an NPC competitive bodybuilder, and have tried supplements of all kinds. I'm able to write a review for each product once I'm finished the bottle if you would like. I'm experienced in the industry and could give a very honest review. I'm currently 6'3 255lbs 12% bodyfat, there are pictures in my avatar and profile if you would like to look

    I'm interested in :

    Joint Repair (i have tendonitis)
    Liver Support (while on cycle)
    Extreme Mass (to gain size before my next show in october/november)

    Not sure when my next cycle will be (im on cycle now), so if you are looking for reviews NOW, i would write an extensive review on 2 bottles of joint repair to see the longer term affects of the product and liver support

    I've tried every joint product, liver support and prohormone out there, so i could surely give an honest and experienced review

  27. the burner, joint support or post cycle look quite enticing.

  28. I would also be interested in testing. My list would be:
    1. Lean Mass
    2. Post Cycle
    3. Burner

  29. I would like to try double dosing the post cycle product and using a bottle of the joint support. I am getting ready for a powerlifting competition my joints are getting pretty beat up right now, and the Post cycle product just looks like it would make a good stand alone test booster.
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  30. I'd like to try:
    - Extreme Mass
    - post cycle support
    - liver support

    I've ran a couple of cycles (SD, epi, 11 oxo, etc) I'm 5'7 at 178lbs. 6%bf.
    One question though, why is phera included in the Lean Mass product??

    Best of luck to your company.


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